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Culinary Nutrition Services

Baking Ingredients

Nutrition Analysis & Allergen Identification

Accurate + Efficient

Customers want  transparency. Government regulations require nutrition information on menus and available to customers. Years of experience working in nutrition and food service make Worthy Plates uniquely qualified to deliver accurate nutrition analysis and identify allergens on your menu through a streamlined approach.

Raw Vegetables

Healthy Recipe Development

Nutrient-dense + Delicious

Menu-worthy healthy recipe development requires more than simply adding vegetables on the plate. Worthy Plates has the expertise in nutrition research, an understanding of food trends, and experience working with food service operations to create healthy, satisfying recipes that fit within your operation and are a hit with customers.

Pouring Water

Wellness Partner

Customized + Comprehensive

Your operation is unique and Worthy Plates can tailor its services to support your specific needs. As your wellness partner, Worthy Plates can provide nutrition analysis, expert answers for customer questions, staff education, and more. Support is scaled appropriately and can evolve with your needs.

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